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Naturopathic Wellness Consultations

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Initial Naturopathic Wellness Consultation


Prior to your initial consultation, I extensively customize the most effective solutions to your health, after thoroughly analyzing your health history, lifestyle, health concerns, and questions (provided in your intake form). Together, we’ll review all your symptoms, history, and health goals. Specific and personalized dietary and nutritional recommendations will be provided, and supplement recommendations may be provided as well. I also may recommend getting certain lab work done.

Consultation Time: 1 Hour

Email or call (631) 403-0844 to schedule your consultation.

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Standard Follow-Up Naturopathic Wellness Consultation


Identifying and correcting the root causes of health issues, and achieving your best health, requires persistence. Our second meeting allows us to delve deeper into your case, and get a more accurate sense of the root cause(s) of your health concerns. I typically see clients for a first follow-up consultation a few weeks after their initial consultation. We’ll analyze how the initial recommendations are working for you, go over any lab work that you’ve had done, I’ll provide all relevant education, and further customize my recommendations for you. From your progress at this point, as well as additional labs, I’m able to get an even better look at any metabolic abnormalities, nutrient deficiencies, lifestyle obstacles, hormonal imbalances, etc., that should become our primary focus!

Consultation Time: 30 Minutes

Email or call (631) 403-0844 to schedule your consultation.

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Brief Follow-Up Naturopathic Wellness Consultation


Further follow-up consultations (frequency is determined by the case) ensure continuance of optimal health, through modifications to supplement, diet, and lifestyle recommendations. I continue to touch base with my clients to assess (and celebrate!) progress and provide further suggestions.

Consultation Time: 15 Minutes

Email or call (631) 403-0844 to schedule your consultation.

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